Abstract Submission Terms & Conditions

The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (hereinafter “AIGHD”) and Virology Education BV (hereinafter “VE”) are the Conference Organisers of INTEREST 2021. Both AIGHD and VE may be collectively referred to as “Parties”.

By submitting an abstract, the abstract submitter hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions.

a) Errors
The Parties cannot be held responsible for any typing, spelling, or language errors in the submitted abstract(s).

b) Abstract topic
The International Conference Committee of INTEREST 2021 may decide to allocate the submitted abstract to a different topic than the topic for which it was submitted.

c) Abstract author consent
By submitting an abstract, the author agrees that they have received the consent of their co-authors to do so.

d) Abstract author attendance
At least one listed author of each accepted abstract must register (paying the relevant registration fee) and attend the meeting to present the abstract.

e) Final decision on abstract status
The International Conference Committee’s decision on the abstract is final and no further correspondence on the status of the abstract will be entered into.

f) INTEREST Conference Abstract Book
The author’s abstract will be printed in the INTEREST Conference Abstract Book which is entitled: Reviews in Antiviral Therapy & Infectious Diseases. The terms ‘INTEREST Conference Abstract Book’, ‘abstract book’, and ‘Reviews in Antiviral Therapy & Infectious Diseases’ will be used interchangeably. The Author acknowledges that the Reviews in Antiviral Therapy & Infectious Diseases is not a peer reviewed journal. The Reviews in Antiviral Therapy & Infectious Diseases only acts as a collection of abstracts accepted to conferences or meetings with VE.

g) Copyright
The authors grant the Parties a royalty-free license to publish and print the author’s abstract in a digital or physical conference abstract book, and a license to upload and publish, at any time, the author’s abstract to webpages owned and operated by the Parties including, but not limited to, acadmeicmedicaleducation.com, which is operated by VE and may be hosted on third-party servers. The Parties are the sole copyright holder of the INTEREST Conference Abstract Book as a whole (also referred to as the Reviews in Antiviral Therapy & Infectious Diseases). The abstract authors will retain any and all copyright over their individual abstract. The author’s copyright retention will not extend to a claim of ownership over the INTEREST Conference Abstract Book or any other form of printed or digital publication. The abstract author agrees and acknowledges that the Parties may publish or distribute the INTEREST Conference Abstract Book at any time and in any format. The abstract author is responsible for adequately displaying appropriate copyright notices on any and all of their materials which is to be submitted to the Parties. The abstract author agrees and understand that the Parties take no responsibility for registering any copyright on behalf of the abstract author/s. Authors hereby accept and confirm that their abstract contains no text for reference that is either directly or indirectly defamatory, or is otherwise unlawful, invades individual privacy, or infringes on any proprietary right or statutory copyright. By submitting an abstract to the Parties, authors affirm that their abstract is their own original work or that they have obtained permission at their own expense from the copyright holder (of any and all data and/or text) for publication and will submit signed documentation showing permission for use to the Parties at the time of submission of the abstract. Authors understand that the information contained in their submitted abstract may be shared with third-party processors such as graphic designers and printing services for the express purpose of printing or uploading the INTEREST Conference Abstract Book as according to the license as stated above.

h) Withdrawal policy
If the abstract presenter wishes to withdraw their abstract, they must do so at least 6 weeks before the conference dates. After this date, the Parties cannot guarantee that the abstract will be removed from the printed/physical Conference Abstract Book (if applicable).

i) Communications
All communications regarding this abstract will be directed to the abstract submitter. It is the responsibility of the abstract submitter to inform the co-authors of the abstract acceptance status.

j) Indemnification
Authors agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Parties, their agents and representatives should the material presented or provided for publication be determined to defame, libel, or slander an individual or organisation, violate the confidentiality of any individual or organisation, or infringe on another’s copyright.