The past decades have brought increasing recognition that health and development are intertwined. As a consequence attention and funding for global health issues have greatly increased. The international health initiatives that were born out of this are, however, primarily targeted at major infectious diseases. These initiatives have saved and are saving millions of lives and are contributing to health systems strengthening, but are not primarily addressing the nuts and bolts of sustainable health care delivery.

While providing scalable quality health services in resource-poor settings is a task of daunting complexity, the ‘delivery perspective’ has also been largely neglected in academic approaches to global health and is relatively new.

The AIGHD has been established and is uniquely positioned to fill this gap. It links disciplines, resources and innovative programs from academic institutions and implementing partners in both the developed and developing world, with the ultimate aim to lead the way to access to high quality health care for all inhabitants of this world.

Our mission:

We provide sustainable solutions to major health problems across our planet, by forging synergies between disciplines, health care delivery, research and education.



Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
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