Virology Education

Virology Education aims at supporting the medical community in the process of discovering, researching, treating and ultimately curing infectious diseases. Our activities include the initiation and organization of real-time and online platforms for international interchange, knowledge-sharing and education for medical professionals.

Virology Education started its activities in a university setting in 1998. The first project was an interactive course in HIV Resistance and Resistance Assays at Stanford University, directed by Dr Charles Boucher, Dr Jonathan Schapiro and Dr Thomas Merigan. This first project showed the great need for knowledge-sharing among experts, translation of scientific data to daily clinical care and further education of professionals in the field of HIV treatment. Since then Virology Education has initiated and organized multiple programs to support the medical community in providing the best treatment for infected patients.

Virology Education is incessantly reviewing the need for education and international scientific forums on topics that need independent scientific attention. If you know of existing or emerging needs for interchange and/or education on important medical topics, we would like to invite you to contact us. We will do our best to develop tailored programs in order to advance the field.


Our Mission Statement:

The standards of care in the treatment of viral diseases are in continuous development. Experts are incessantly searching for better ways to treat infected patients and solve the problems they entail. Many new diagnostic technologies are being developed and an abundance of information and knowledge is being gathered. Virology Education feels that there is a need for educational programs dealing with this rapidly changing and expanding scientific and medical knowledge. New ideas and practices are evolving through the active interactions between the practicing clinicians, laboratory scientists and the leading experts. This interaction is the basis of Virology Education’s programmes.



Virology Education
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