Guido Ferrari

Dr. Ferrari, M.D., is Professor at Duke University in the Department of Surgery and Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. He is also affiliated faculty at the Duke Global Health Institute, Duke Human Vaccine Institute, and Honorary Professor at the University of Cape Town Department of Immunology. Dr. Ferrari has worked on testing samples from vaccine recipients for cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) and antibody dependent cellular cytotoxic (ADCC) responses for the HIV Vaccine Trial Network (HVTN, the Comprehensive Antibody-Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium (CA-VIMC) and for the Primate AIDS Vaccine Evaluation Group (PAVEG). He is currently the Director of the Center for AIDS Research Immunology Core and Mentoring Committee. He was the first to characterize vaccine-induced cross-clade clade CD8 CTL responses and the difference in class I-restricted epitope recognition between HIV-1 infected individuals and vaccine recipients. He followed this initial epitope mapping of cellular responses with the epitope mapping of ADCC responses to identify the anti-C1C2 epitope as the most recognized epitope by ADCC Ab responses in infected individuals. Dr. Ferrari has also been the organizer of 10 Symposia and numerous workshops to strength collaborations amongst more than 300 young African scientists in collaboration with Prof. Clive Gray at the University of Cape Town.

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