Josue Dejinnin Georges Avakoudjo

Dr Josué D.G. AVAKOUDJO is Full Professor of Urology, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Abomey Calavi, Coordinator of the specialized studies diploma in Urology. Driven by the desire to make Beninese universities competitive on a global scale through innovative responses, Professor AVAKOUDJO is actively involved in the digital transformation of certain teaching.

He puts his clinical knowledge at the service of the people of Benin as Head of the University Clinic of Urology and Andrology of the CNHU Hubert Koutoukou MAGA (CNHU-HKM) in Cotonou (reference hospital of the country), and coordinates the quality assurance team from the same hospital.

Aware of the importance of research as a basis for developing public policies in the health field, he chairs the Board of Directors of the GRPSD (Research Group in Population, Health and Demography) and participates in several research teams focused on men’s sexual and reproductive health including the genetics of prostate cancer and the causes of male infertility in Africa.He is author and co-author of around a hundred articles in the fields of urological pathologies and public health.

The results of this various work allow it to map areas with little or no access to specialists, where it leads free care campaigns in collaboration with stakeholders at various levels.

In order to contribute to the growth of the specialty of urology both nationally and internationally, this former resident of Dakar hospitals served as President of the Beninese Society of Urology (SOBU) and is currently a member of several learned societies including PAUSA (Pan African Urological Surgeon Association) and the SIU (International Society of Urology).He is a fellow of the West African College of Surgeons (WACS) in 2008.

His expertise acquired in the fields of clinical medicine, teaching, public health and international cooperation has earned him the opportunity to be involved at the strategic level (Ministry of Health) in numerous think tanks for the optimization of the health system.

In order to allow the youngest to weave the new rope at the end of the old one, Professor AVAKOUDJO places a sustained interest in supporting younger generations in the development of skills, especially in terms of research.

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