Sébastien Morin

Sébastien Morin joined the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) in 2019 as Policy and Advocacy Manager, bringing more than six years of policy and advocacy experience in HIV and viral hepatitis to the organisation. From 2013 to then he was a Research Officer at the International AIDS Society (IAS), where he led the work of the Industry Liaison Forum on paediatric HIV and regulatory affairs. He also spearheaded the HIV Co-Infections and Co-Morbidities initiative in the areas of HCV and TB. Dr Morin is author of several publications on paediatric drug formulations, hepatitis C, COVID-19, people who inject drugs, regulatory affairs, and treatment access, in addition to scientific articles originating from his previous basic science research on antibiotic resistance and HIV infection. Dr Morin holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Laval University (Québec City, Canada) and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Basel (Basel, Switzerland). He speaks French, English, and Spanish. At MPP, his work in the policy space covers various disease areas (including HIV, HCV, TB, and COVID-19) and geographies (with a focus on the Africa, Latin America, and Caribbean regions). Dr Morin is also involved in paediatrics, especially through the Global Accelerator for Paediatric Formulations (GAP-f) WHO Network.

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