Valentine Kiki Medegan

Dr. Mondoukpè Valentine KIKI MEDEGAN, is a physician from the Republic of Benin, who has been serving for the past seven years as the Advisor and Representative to the President of the Republic in the National Council for the Fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Hepatitis, STIs and Epidemics (CNLS-TP), since 2016. She has four decades of professional experience in managing health and national epidemic response plans. She has held several positions of responsibility at different levels of the healthcare pyramid and other sectors. Specifically in the area of HIV/AIDS and STIs she held the following positions:

– Permanent Secretary of the National Council for the Fight against HIV/AIDS and STIs (CNLS), one of the first women to hold this position in Africa,
– National Coordinator of the Support Project for the Fight against HIV/AIDS financed by the African Development Bank,
– Deputy National Coordinator of the National Program for the Fight against AIDS and STIs (PNLS),
– Head of the Epidemiology and Research Department of the PNLS,
– Health Sector Focal Point for the Multisectoral HIV/AIDS Project (MAP) financed by the World Bank.
Her contributions to the response against HIV/AIDS in Benin have led to significant national advances. She designed and directed several scientific studies and research works on HIV and STIs. She participated in numerous symposia, conferencies, study trips and seminars on different topics and in several countries as speaker, communicator, organizer, instructor, coach or participant.

Dr. KIKI MEDEGAN credentials include:
– State Doctorate degree in Medicine (MD) and Diploma in University Scientific Studies (DUES 1 & 2) Benin;
– Diploma of Advanced Studies in Epidemiology and Public Health from Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), as well as a Master of Biomedical Sciences in Infectious and Tropical Diseases from University of Antwerp (Belgium) and training in project management (France).

Dr. KIKI MEDEGAN was also Director General of National Agency, National Coordinator of the National Programs., several times Head of Health Services, and served as Chief Medical Officer at multiple District and Department hospitals and has done military service. She is a member of the Technical Commission in charge of Reforms in the Health Sector.

She is active member of various learned societies and national and international scientific networks, professional associations and organizations, women associations, development associations and an international service club.

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