Jürgen Rockstroh

Jürgen Rockstroh, MD, is Professor of Medicine and Head of the HIV Outpatient Clinic at the University of Bonn in Germany. He earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University of Bonn, and completed his residency in the Department of Medicine also at the University of Bonn. His department treats the world’s largest cohort of HIV-infected hemophiliacs.

 In addition to his clinical practice, Dr Rockstroh is involved in HIV research on: antiretroviral therapy, including new drug classes; the course of HIV disease in haemophiliacs; and HIV and hepatitis co-infection. More recently, he has also started working on the impact of COVID-19 on HIV-coinfection.  He has been an investigator in multiple clinical trials of antiretroviral agents and treatments for HIV, hepatitis co-infection and COVID-19.

From 2007-2011 he was elected as the president of the German AIDS Society. He is also since 2009 a member of the executive committee of the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) and from 2011-2020 member of the governing council of the International AIDS Society. He also was the chair of the National German AIDS Advisory Panel from  2011-2017 and the EACS coinfection guidelines from 2008-2017. In 2015 Professor Rockstroh was elected chair of HIV in Europe (in 2019 renamed as EuroTEST) and from 2019-2020 president for EACS.

The German Society for Infectious Diseases awarded Dr Rockstroh and his co-authors the prize in clinical infectious diseases in 2002, and the national AIDS research prize in 2005. Dr Rockstroh has authored or co-authored over 700 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and over 100 book chapters.

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